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"Quick" Wild Game and Beef Jerky Cure -

Make mouth-watering hickory smoke flavored jerky in your own oven or dehydrator. Venison, beef or any game meat will make delicious jerky. No special tools needed! Jerky is one of the best energy snacks you can take into the field. Easy to follow instructions included.

TC-102 "Quick" Jerky Cure Cures 20 lbs. $7.50

TC-102-6 "Quick" Jerky Cure 6 Pack: $43.50


Wild Game Salami One-Hour Spice Mix -

Now you can make 5 lbs. of wild game salami in your own kitchen. All you need is 5 lbs. of ground meat, Aldo's Wild Game Salami Mix, your oven and one hour! Without Casings! Just mix, shape, and bake. From Alligator to Elk, Deer to Duck. Whatever meat you prefer can be turned into delicious salami.

TC-101 Wild Game Salami Mix Makes 5 lbs. $5.00

TC-101-12 Wild Game Salami Mix Buy 12: $57.00


Wild Game Salami One-Hour Spice Combo Kit -

If you like salami in casings, this is the way to go! No special tools needed!

Kit comes complete with:
» Wildgame Salami Spice Mix
» Fibrous casings
» Easy to follow instructions

TC-111 Wild Game Salami Combo Kit Makes 5 lbs. $7.50

TC-111-6 Wild Game Salami Combo Kit 6 Pack: $43.50


Beef & Pork Salami One-Hour Spice Mix -

Make 5 lbs. of gourmet salami in 1 hour. No casings needed! Simply mix 2 1/2 lbs. of ground beef and 2 1/2 lbs. of pork with spices, shape into loves and bake.

TC-103 Beef & Pork Salami Mix Makes 5 lbs. $4.75

TC-103-12 Beef & Pork Salami Mix 12 Pack: $54.00


Pepperoni One-Hour Spice Mix -

Each Package makes 2 lbs. of delicious pepperoni in one hour. No special tools needed! Easy mix, shape, and bake instructions included.

TC-104 Pepperoni Spice Mix Makes 2 lbs. $3.00

TC-104-12 Pepperoni Spice Mix 12 Pack: $33.00


Salami Casings (2 ½" x 20") -

Each fibrous casing will hold approximately 2 ½ lbs. of meat.

TC-117 Salami Casings Each $2.25

TC-117-12 Salami Casings 12 Pack: $24.00


Italian Sausage Pattie Spice Mix -

Also called cudighi this mix turns ordinary ground meat into it's own unique flavor. Make patties and serve on buns or fry loosely and simmer in Marinara Sauce and serve over pasta.

TC-105 Italian Sausage Spice Mix Makes 2 1/2 lbs. $3.00

TC-105-12 Italian Sausage Spice Mix 12 Pack: $33.00


Cajun Seasoning -

A fantastic blend of spices that makes it a seasoning for all foods. If you like it a little hot but don't need all the salt, this is the mix for you. Use it in place of salt and pepper. Once you try it, you're hooked.

TC-110 Cajun Seasoning 2 oz. $4.75

TC-110-12 Cajun Seasoning 12 Pack: $54.00